Hand felted cream acorn seasonal garland


Hand felted cream acorn seasonal garland


Bring a splash of colour to your home decor!

You would think all acorns( or their hats)) are the same. Like fingerprints in nature, each acorn cap is little bit different… no 2 are the same. That was a surprise for me a few years ago when I started making my first acorn garland. Each year around this time the autumn foraging begins for me ( and my family). There is something so grounding in seeing this cycle of life in nature.

You never know what you’ll find. This abundance means that some of these find life in a new and unexpected way… now as part of organic, handmade decor.

This woodland acorn garland measures 2 meters long (78.74 in) and has 15 handmade felt cream balls paired with natural foraged acorn tops. The balls are about 2 cm and can be spread out on linen twine any way you like them on your mantel, table or a wall of your child.
All acorns are truly unique and no two are alike. Some have a natural stems on their caps like they are found in nature and some don't.

Perfectly natural handmade touch for the cosy ambience of your room and home!

How it is made?

Wet felting is one of several methods which can produce felt from wool. I use warm soapy water and merino wool.

Length available:

*200 cm( 2 meters/78.74 in) and has 15 felt balls

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