Graphite wool felted holiday garland


Graphite wool felted holiday garland


This simple graphite garland measures 2 metres long ( 78.74 in ) and has 15 handmade felt balls connected by the linen twine. The balls are about 2 cm and can be spread out on the linen twine any way you like them on your mantel, table or a wall. At the end of each side it is tied in a small knot so that you could hang it.

Perfectly natural modern handmade touch to the ambience of your home!

How it is made?

Wet felting is one of several methods which can produce felt from wool. I use warm soapy water and merino wool.

It can be used for:

- simple branches, modern tree decor

- room/ window treatment decor

-mantel decor

-wreath/simple door decor

-wedding party/entertaining table decor

As part of my ethos to be waste free I wrap my orders without plastic using botanical dyed muslin to surround each item and keep them safe on the journey.

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