Hello! I am Tanya, a fibre artist, stylist and natural dyer. 

I lived over half of my life in the vibrant, capital city of Kyiv, Ukraine and in recent years I have uprooted and moved to a much smaller town near Oxford, UK. This present chapter of settling and exploring is enriched by our chocolate and grey cockapoo puppy who is always inquisitive and full of life. I love different languages, savour my walks in nature, styling seasonal foods and making things with my own hands. 

I am passionate about raw wool, natural plant dyes and fibre textures. I source and forage my hand picked materials locally and in the places I travel to create a one-of-a-kind product that tells a story. 

I enjoy connecting people to the ancient craft of wet felting in its modern form and helping them discover for themselves the joy and wonder of making something handcrafted and unique.

I am glad to see you here!)


My story begins in south Ukraine where I grew up. It starts with the smell of the river, boat trips to dacha (summer cottage), sugary giant tomatoes and tasty watermelons.
It is days spent being in the garden under the blossom of the cherry trees, soaking the sun and enjoying the nature. 
It is watching my mom making knitted woolly chunky sweaters for cold winters and my aunt using her machine as a seamstress making her home designs.

When the encounter with merino wool happened, I had children of my own, have been teaching for a while and have had very little time for making things. I needed a tangible reminder of who I was and what life was all about. I took my first wet felting class...

The process of making felt has impressed me being so tactile, natural and mindful as well
I liked that from the raw material comes something very vulnerable, individual and beautiful in its own natural way. I loved getting amazing unexpected outcomes that are hard to imagine when you touch the rough wool.

Since then there have been many changes in my life, a journey of moving to a new country and some dramatic events in the fabric of this world I am still trying to understand. There has been a powerful and transformative experience of my going back to the rawness of wool and seeing amazing richness in the depth of the process it brings.


This place can be of help to you if you want to explore a mindful craft of wet felting and create a contemporary artisan felt that is connected to years of tradition and is deeply grounded in nature. You will emerge yourself in the process of wet felting and experience firsthand the simplicity of organic wool and plant fibres.

I run regular bespoke wet felting workshops for small groups and offer one to one tutorials in my studio in Abingdon. Each workshop is a 2/3-hour class covering everything you need to know to get started with wet felting. We go through the basic principles of laying merino wool, controlling its thickness, creating texture, adding fibres and mixing colours. You get plenty of one to one teaching and help over the course of the workshop and leave inspired to keep going at home.

For enquiries about the upcoming workshops venues and events collaborations, please contact me directly at tanya@tanyarobinson.org.

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Thank you!