Hi, I am Tanya. I am a contemporary fibre artist and natural dyer. I create my textile pieces through selecting and blending the finest wool and raw silk fibres. I am passionate about connecting the ancient art craft of wet felting with a modern aesthetic and simple form.

I use my local botanical foraged materials, creating natural dyes, and fuse them with the finest natural fibres to give them a new meaning through the transformative and artisanal process of wet felting. The result of this are bespoke handcrafted pieces for you to wear and enjoy at home as exquisite home decor.

I run regular wool-felting workshops for small groups in my studio in Abingdon, where people can experience these materials and processes for themselves.

It’s our imperfections that make us unique, and it’s our uniqueness that makes each of us beautiful”  Beth Kempton - Wabi Sabi

I grew up in southern Ukraine with the smell of the river, days spent under the blossom of cherry trees, soaking the sun and enjoying the nature. I watched my mother making knitting chunky sweaters for cold winters and my aunt working from home as a seamstress. Over half of my life I lived in a vibrant capital city of Kyiv, Ukraine and recently I resettled to the much smaller town of Abingdon, UK.

My designs start with observing nature, people, objects and noticing colours and textures all around me. I love walking in nature reserves, being near the river or just getting lost in the old streets and galleries of the city.

I love finding materials in unexpected places, bring them home and explore points of connection with these new acquaintances.  I enjoy spending unhurried time experimenting with natural dyes, not rushing the time needed to get to know the character of my foraged material. 

I find that the tactile process of playing with natural fibres, laying, blending, sorting and appreciating their original beauty works miracles for me.  The craft of wet felting starts with laying out the wool and fibres across a surface that’s clear and always larger than I need. 

I lay the wool strands with my hands, bit by bit teasing the wool until the picture is complete.  It reminds me of an evolving painting, where the colour and texture tell the story.  It can take hours and days but like good books and fine wine, these things cannot be rushed. Each piece needs space and time to find its simple, focused form. 

I love this mindful and organic experience that wool provides, and embrace the journeys it takes.


“Had my first attempt at wet felting today with my mum and sister... A pre-booked workshop bought by my sister for me and my mum... We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and each made beautiful scarves!! Couldn't rate the experience more highly! Such a great way to spend time with the ones you love, creating and making beautiful things!! Thanks Tanya!” Jenny, UK